ICE System Upgrade

The planned upgrade of UHNM ICE has now been completed successfully

The planned upgrade of the UHNM ICE system has now been completed successfully and the system is now fully available.

Many thanks for your cooperation

As part of delivering an improved service we are looking at implementing a software upgrade to the ICE system, this includes the latest security fixes and software functionality enhancements.

This will require a period of downtime (4 Hours minimum) for the system, scheduled for Thursday June 7th from 11AM. During this period for Pathology referrals you will need to revert to using manual request cards; for Radiology you can either revert to manual request cards or make the referral once ICE is available again. If your stock levels for the manual request cards are running low please contact Royal Stoke supplies department using the contact details on the cards.

Pathology results will still be provided electronically, without interruption, whilst this upgrade is occurring. Radiology results will be provided again once ICE is available; during the downtime any urgent Radiology results will be faxed as usual.