Non-HDL cholesterol now reported with all lipid profile requests

A change to all lipid profile requests

Non-HDL Cholesterol is now routinely reported on all lipid profile requests, as advised in updated NICE Clinical Guidance for CVD risk assessment and reduction. Non-HDL cholesterol is a calculated parameter derived by subtracting HDL cholesterol from Total Cholesterol. It provides an estimation of all atherogenic cholesterol containing lipid particles and so is seen as a better CVD risk indicator than LDL cholesterol.

  • Non-fasting samples are acceptable
  • Consider lipid clinic referral for patients with non-HDL cholesterol >7.5 mmol/L
  • If high-intensity statins are used, aim for a greater than 40% reduction in non-HDL cholesterol from baseline after 3 months of treatment
  • Refer to NICE CG181 for more information (

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