Total bilirubin


Investigation of jaundice. Part of liver function test profile

Total bilirubin comprises both unconjugated and conjugated bilirubin fractions.

Reference ranges:

Age range Reference ranges (umol/L)
< 10 days 0 - 200
< 30 days 0 - 40
Adults 0 - 21

Derived from Pathology Harmony 2011

Results outside the reference range do not necessarily indicate disease. Similarly, results within the reference range do not preclude abnormality. Please contact the Duty Biochemist for discussion of individual patient results

Other Comments:

For more information, please see the following: Bilirubin - Lab Tests Online

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About This Test

Department: Biochemistry


  • Gel/clotted/lithium heparin (yellow/red/green top)

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Turnaround Time:

Within 24 hours